Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebratory buff chix!

Forgive me, faithful readers!  I have been remiss in updating due to a certain piece of jewelry that was plopped on my hand that has resulted in a whirlwind of OMG.  But I'm back, and better than ever (or something).  And I've got some good stuff for you in the coming days, including some recipe reviews that I actually made myself!

Date: August 13th, 2012

Location: UBurger; Boston, MA
Contender: Hot Chick Sandwich (Grilled)

I could barely eat this one, but not because it wasn't delicious!  It was because less than an hour before I put this yummy sandwich in my face, the love of my life had proposed to me somewhat unexpectedly and very publicly!  See:   However, this was not the first time I'd had this particular sandwich, so I do feel as if I can give an it an accurate appraisal.  

The menu says "Chicken sandwich (crispy or grilled) with bleu cheese dressing, hot sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes".  I opted for grilled and obviously I left off the tomatoes.  

Sometimes a buff chix sandwich loses something when it's grilled rather than fried, but that's not the case with this little number.  The chicken itself is soft and thin, and cooked perfectly.  The juiciness of the chicken blends with the bleu cheese dressing to make it nice and soupy and is soaked up perfectly by the shredded lettuce.  I'm a sucker for some good shredded lettuce, I'll admit!  There's a hint of hot sauce, but I could definitely use more.  Overall, though, the sandwich is delish and not super heavy, leaving room for a delicious mint oreo frappe!

Portion: Just enough
Spiciness: Mild
Deliciousness: 9/10