Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Perfect Ten!

Date: So many times!!!
Location: Around Boston
Contender: Boloco Buffalo Chicken Burrito

My readers are always asking me "Jamie, will you ever give a perfect 10?  Will any buffalo wrap measure up to your persnickety standards???"*  And my answer is, "YES!  There's one that already has!"

So far I've told you about my first buff chix experience and the wrap that inspired me to start this blog, but I haven't yet told you my absolute favorite.  This is the menu item that transformed me from someone who likes buffalo chicken to someone who LOVES buffalo chicken!  It's the Buffalo Chicken Burrito from Boloco.  I've been eating it since college, when Boloco was still The Wrap in Harvard Square.  It's been 10 years (and probably hundred of burritos) since then, and it still makes me drool just to think about it.

The menu says "Spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, celery, boloco rice."  You can get it with any meat you like, in a bowl or a tortilla.  One of my favorite things about it is that I love it just the way it comes!  Most places, I have to tell the restaurant not to sully my beautiful buff chix item with those slimy, seedy, red devils (you may call them tomatoes), but Boloco has got it right.  Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and celery are the three toppings that should be on a buffalo chicken item.  Why mess with that???

This burrito is not for wimps.  The buff sauce is plentiful and spicy, and the rice soaks it up.  The celery bits provide a perfect crunch, and the blue cheese dressing is chunky and fabulous.  The chicken is great and the rice is...rice.  The tortilla is soft and heavenly.  I just love plain everything about this burrito.  It is the epitome of buffalo chicken, and I don't know if I'll ever find anything to top it!

Portion: Comes in 3 different sizes!
Spiciness: Wowza!
Deliciousness: 10/10

*OK, fine, maybe one person asked me.  It was probably Mat.  And he probably definitely did not use the word "persnickety".