Friday, July 6, 2012

The importance of ratios

Date: July 6, 2012
Location: Boston Burger Company; Somerville, MA
Contender: Buffalo Burger

This place has an enormous selection of burgers, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do my third blog entry in a week!  The menu says "Buffalo style with crumbled bleu cheese, diced celery, and Boney’s special sauce". I ordered it with a turkey burger instead of a regular burger.

I really had high hopes because of the crumbled bleu cheese and celery.  Well, I don't know who Boney is, but his special sauce was sorely lacking in the buffalo department.  There was a hint of buffalo flavor, but it was mostly just a little creamy.  

My other major complaint was the meat to other stuff ratio.  There was not nearly enough "other stuff" for the amount of meat and bread.  My friend Jordan asked me if I enjoyed non-chicken buffalo endeavors, and after answering enthusiastically in the affirmative I realized that for me, the chicken (or other protein) is really just a conduit for the buffalo/bleu cheese goodness.  So, I would say that a proper ratio is very important to my enjoyment.

Portion: Just enough
Spiciness: Mild
Deliciousness: 5/10

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